Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Topic in Year 4

This term in Year 4 we have been looking at the impact of Roman life in Britain.

We have been looking at different type of evidence and analysing what makes it reliable. We had to sort different types of evidence into primary or secondary sources and explain our answers.

Last week, we went on a fact hunt around the classroom in team to find out as much information as we could about Hadrian's wall. We worked in teams and competed against each other to collect the facts the quickest. However, we could only send one team member out at a time and we each had a different colour fact to find, remember and come back to the team to record on the paper. We then used our new knowledge to write a letter from the perspective of a Roman soldier working on Hadrian's wall.

This week, we learnt all about Boudicca, the Celtic queens, rebellion against the Romans. We had to get into role and think about this historical event from different perspectives. We were either a slave, Roman soldier, Roman governor, Celtic farmer or the Celtic queen Boudicaa.

Here are some pictures of us having a discussion in the role of our characters.

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